Carolynn Gallwey's Notable Cases

Recent notable cases include:

Calls for inquiry into historical adoption practices [2016-17]

Acted for a large group of birth parents and adopted adults in calling for the government to convene a public inquiry into adoption practices before the early 1980s

Gilly v Chief Staffordshire Police [2016 and 2017]

Civil claims and independent IPCC investigation into the circumstances of two failed prosecutions of the Claimant.

Moss and others v G4S

An on-going civil claim for assault brought by a group of children detained at Medway STC.

S v A Chief Officer [2017]

Settlement achieved under Art 3 HRA for a failure to investigate a rape allegation, in which two successive complaint investigations exonerated the officers concerned.

M v A Chief Officer [2016]

A civil claim and complaint arising from the failure of a schools liasion officer to record, report or investigate a sexual offence against a child. Settled for damages and an apology.

Rowe v Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire [2016]

A claim for assault, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution and racial discrimination, which resulted in a financial settlement.

Adam Withers, deceased [2016]

An inquest and civil proceedings arising from the death of a young man in mental health detention, which has led, among other things to an HSE prosecution of the Trust.

Wallace v Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire Police [2016]

A complaint and civil claim for assault on a heavily pregnant detainee for discrimination, false imprisonment, misfeasance and breaches of HRA, which led to substantial damages, an apology and gross misconduct proceedings.

B v A Chief Officer [2016]

A complaint and civil claim for failure to investigate disclosures by child victim of sexual abuse and for failure to protect her and her family, resulting in substantial damages, an apology and other restorative measures. Police officer acquitted of criminal charges of misconduct, gross misconduct proceedings pending.

S v Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis  

Ongoing complaint and civil claim for assault on 14 year old boy by school liaison officer. Officer acquitted of assault but facing gross misconduct hearing.

CLG v Chief Constable of Merseyside

Ongoing civil case arising from failure to protect vulnerable witnesses, through High Court and Court of Appeal.

McCarthy v Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis [2015]

Settlement achieved for breaches of DPA in second successful claim brought by Claimant who is a member of Traveller community.

Horner v Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis [2015]

Settlement achieved following assault and misfeasance by officers inadvertently recorded giving false account of detention. Police officer convicted of ABH and sentenced to 8 months.

Jan McLean, deceased [2015]

death in custody, where the family received damages where there had been failures to pass on crucial information
about the deceased.

Kingsley Burrell, deceased [2015]

High profile death in custody which went to a full 6 week inquest, returning a highly critical inquest verdict. Followed by an admission of liability for breaches of Articles 2 and 8 of the HRA and in negligence, and damages. Officers charged with perjury in connection with evidence given at inquest.

Rafal Delezuch, deceased [2015]

Restraint related death inquest, resulting in award of damages.

X v A Chief Officer [2014]

Claim for failure to investigate/apprehend a stalker over many years, leading to a settlement of substantial damages.

G v Chief Constable Hampshire Police [2014]

Claim under Article 3 of HRA for failure to investigate sexual assault, leading to a financial settlement.

Taiwo & Others v Chief Constable Avon and Somerset Police [2014]

Civil claim and complaint for racist failure to investigate an assault, leading to substantial settlement, admissions of breach of Article 3 and discrimination, and ground-breaking package of measures of redress.

O & others v MOJ [2014]

Group action for assault brought by child detainees in privately run Secure Training Centre, where force was routinely used to enforce good order in contravention of Rules, leading to award of damages to each of them.

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